Dried wood
Rapid ignition with natural resin
Durable, low moisture wood
100% natural pine and fir

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Rapid ignition with natural resin

Our flammable wooden sticks are infused with natural resin, which ensures quick and reliable ignition every time. The presence of this resin allows the sticks to catch fire quickly and easily, providing a convenient solution for fire starting. Whether you are lighting a fireplace, bonfire or barbecue, these sticks will save you time and effort by getting your fire going with minimal effort.

Durable, low moisture wood

Made from wood with reduced moisture content, our fire sticks offer longer and more efficient burning. Low-moisture wood ensures that the sticks produce a steady flame, providing a constant source of heat for your fire. This durability makes them ideal for extended use, ensuring that fires stay burning longer without the need for frequent refueling.

100% natural pine and fir

Our wooden fire-sticks are made entirely from natural pine and fir, sustainably sourced and free of harmful chemicals. This commitment to using pure, natural materials ensures that the sticks are safe for indoor and outdoor use and are environmentally friendly. In addition, due to their natural composition, when they burn they emit a pleasant and delicate aroma that enhances the fire experience.

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Our tradition goes back three generations: grandfather Egon laid the foundation stone, father Werner continued the vision, and today I, Rainer, am proud to stand by their side to incorporate our family values and experience into every product.

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