This is why we founded LERAVA®.

Hello, I'm Rainer, the one standing above. 😊
Below are my grandfather
Egon and my father Werner.

When we launched LERAVA® in 2021,
we knew there had to be a better way to achieve a perfect garden at home.

Our goal was to make high-quality gardening products available online at affordable prices for everyone.

LERAVA, the fastest-growing e-commerce brand in the gardening sector throughout Europe, was founded in 2021 under the auspices of Agricenter Spitaler, a company active since 1978.

In response to the shortage of high-quality gardening products such as grass seeds and fertilizers in Italy, LERAVA initiated the development and production of its own superior quality articles through collaborations with various manufacturers. These are shipped directly from their production headquarters in Alto Adige, the heart of the brand, to customers across Europe through various logistics centers in each country.

Today, LERAVA stands out as the fastest-growing Amazon gardening brand in Europe, with a strong presence not only in Italy but also in Germany, France, Spain, and other countries. The brand holds a market-leading position, especially in Italy, and is known for its exceptional online presence. With global ambitions, LERAVA is committed to achieving market leadership in many countries. A dedicated team of 20 professionals with expertise in product development, marketing, customer service, and logistics forms the backbone of the company's success. Team spirit and mutual respect are central values here.

LERAVA places great importance on the quality of production and packaging, with many stages of raw material processing taking place directly in Eppan. This commitment to quality and production sets LERAVA apart from other suppliers and emphasizes the brand's role as synonymous with quality, innovation, and sustainable growth in the gardening sector.

With strong roots in South Tyrol and an impressive presence

Who is behind the company?

Agricenter Spitaler, a family-run company, has successfully developed over three generations.

By combining the different characteristics and traits of each generation, experience, diversity, quality, innovation, customer orientation, and transparency have been able to merge within the company.

These values ​​are the cornerstone of our philosophy and shape our daily work.

  • Experience

    Since our foundation in 1978, we have continuously developed and specialized to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Variety

    We offer a wide range of products and materials to meet any need.

  • Quality

    Only high-quality materials, carefully selected, are used for our products.

  • Innovation

    We are always looking for innovative products to offer our customers the best results.

  • Customer care

    Customers are our priority, which is why we work with dedication and passion to meet their needs. Their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

  • Transparency

    All our services are presented in advance with clarity and simplicity.

Lerava toda

Behind Lerava now is a young and dynamic team, whose mission is to bring decades of experience and quality products to your home.

  • Egon

  • Hilde

  • Werner

  • Cristina

  • Rainer

  • Edeltraud

  • Andreas

  • Bernhard

  • Matthias

  • Michele

  • Giovanni

  • Till

  • Florian

  • Tobias

  • Hannes

  • Lukas

  • Michael

  • Benjamin

  • Maximilian

  • Luna

Product philosoph

Successful gardening starts with effective products.

At Lerava, you'll find garden products that deliver on their promises. Our product philosophy focuses on effectiveness and functionality for all gardening needs.

Thanks to continuous development and improvement of our products, we offer the right solution for every garden.