Starter - lawn fertilizer

Accelerates germination
Promotes stronger and healthier roots
Improves Stress Tolerance
Increases soil biological activity

Application period: March-June and September-November

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Size: 15m²
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Promotes stronger and healthier roots

Our product is scientifically formulated with essential nutrients and growth stimulants that penetrate deep into the soil to promote the development of extensive roots. By promoting strong roots, it ensures that plants are firmly anchored, improving their ability to withstand environmental stresses and thrive under various conditions.

Improves Stress Tolerance

Made with a balanced blend of nutrients, our solution nourishes vibrant greenery, promoting optimal leaf development and rich chlorophyll production. It increases plant vigor, resulting in a healthy, lush appearance that enriches any garden or landscape.

Increases soil biological activity

Our formula naturally enriches the soil, promoting a thriving ecosystem with organic compounds and essential microorganisms. It revitalizes soil structure, improves nutrient availability, and supports beneficial microbes, creating an ideal environment for robust plant growth and sustained sustainability.

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of gardening experience

60 days

of guarantee of growth


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