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Organic Perlite for Potted Plants
Organic Perlite for Potted Plants Sale priceFrom €9,97
  • Neutral pH for purity
  • Efficient solution for soil drainage
  • Natural and toxin-free quality
Orchid Bark – Organic Substrate
Orchid Bark – Organic Substrate Sale priceFrom €5,97
  • Promotes Growth
  • From Italian maritime pine
  • Available from 1L to 5L
Expanded Clay - Natural Substrate
Expanded Clay - Natural Substrate Sale priceFrom €8,97
  • Perfect for all kinds of plants
  • Increased plant aeration
  • Decorative and functional
Universal Potting Soil
Universal Potting Soil Sale priceFrom €7,97
  • Ideal for your ornamental plants
  • Balanced Natural Nourishment
  • Ready to Use and Versatile
Rootstock for Cutting
Rootstock for Cutting Sale priceFrom €9,97
  • Stimulates Root Growth
  • Improves Soil Fertility
  • Made in Italy