Disinfestazione finale: eliminare gli afidi e le infestazioni di formiche

Final disinfestation: eliminating aphids and ant infestations

Here's an amazing fact: ants "milk" aphids! With spring, the phenomenon of aphids returns. These sucking insects pose a significant threat to young plants.

Blattläuse Pflanzen

Controlling aphids is often very difficult and time-consuming. They suck sap from seedlings and leave a yellow, sticky film on affected areas. A clear symptom of aphid infestation.

But that's not all: ants also arrive, and the little black creatures are everywhere. This is no coincidence!

ameisen melken läuse


Ants keep aphids on branches and in the canopy of trees like farmers keep their cows. They milk the aphids to obtain the sweet, yellow juice. In return, ants protect the aphids from natural predators such as ladybugs.


This leads to a cycle. The aphids reproduce. They eat and expel the honeydew. The ants are satisfied. Home remedies against ants often do no good, however, it is necessary to eliminate them biologically. To permanently eliminate aphids and ants, it is necessary to address both problems.

Natural and biological against ants and aphids

Azadirachtin extract as a biological insecticide

How can I eliminate aphids from plants? To ensure sustainable protection of plants infested with ants and aphids, we recommend a natural and organic insecticide. Our neem oil spray is an ideal product for pest control. The spray contains azadirachtin extract.

The plant absorbs the insecticide and carries it into the roots and leaves. The bitter taste induces pests to refuse to eat and stops the growth of larvae. Azadirachtin extract is harmless to humans and pets and is therefore suitable for living rooms, balconies, and gardens. Affected plants can thus be optimally protected even during heavier infestations.

Eliminating ants from plants

Removing ants successfully

To eliminate not only stray ants in the garden, but the entire ant colony, we recommend our ant bait. The gel attracts ants and sticks to them. The ants take it to the colony where it is distributed. Our ant bait with acetamiprid effectively controls the pests and rids the garden or balcony of ants within four weeks.

Getting rid of aphids and at the same time fighting the plague of ants is an important part of garden care. With our eco-friendly methods, your plants will stay healthy and disease-free. Use our natural pest control products for successful gardening.Ameisenköder wirkung

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