Fertilizing potted plants correctly

Concimare correttamente le piante in vaso

On the balcony or in the room, follow these points and your potted plants will grow healthy and vibrant.

If the plants have already wilted and the grass is completely dry, compost is used to revitalize them, right? No, do not fertilize plants that have already wilted or the grass will completely dry out. Fertilizer is too strong for weakened plants and burns the roots.
Better is to water the plants regularly, but without drowning them. Dry soil and weakened roots can absorb only a little.

To prevent plants from wilting, fertilize regularly. In the growing season, from March to September, it is advisable to fertilize once a week. In winter, potted plants do not need fertilizer, as growth is reduced during the low light period anyway.
Be sure to stick to the recommended amount of fertilizer. Excessive or insufficient fertilization can cause growth problems.
Give plants water with fertilizer, but not on the leaves and flowers, but on the stem. Many plants do not like their leaves to be wet.

Exception: orchids are very sensitive and need few nutrients. It is recommended to use a special fertilizer for orchids and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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