Loietto perenne: tutto quello che c'è da sapere

Lolium perenne (Ryegrass)

Lolium perenne is called an all-rounder because of its many properties, and is included in many seed mixtures accordingly.

It is a perennial, regenerative and fast-growing sweet grass. Runners form at the base of the plant which move away from it above ground and then take root again elsewhere. Thus, gaps and holes are quickly closed. It is very hard-wearing and regenerative, which makes it ideal for sports and play turf repair and lawn reseeding (such as Lerava Turbo).

Lolium perenne germinates quickly (7-14 days) and provides rich green, glossy leaves with dense growth.

To grow well, German ryegrass needs normal to good soil and a good supply of nutrients. It also likes a moist, vigorous climate.

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