Risemina del prato

A reseeding allows the lawn to be renewed without replanting it completely.

The best time for reseeding is spring starting in April or fall starting in September.

After preparing the lawn by mowing and scarifying, spread the seeds evenly.

Work the seeds into the soil with a rake and then cover them with up to 5 mm of topsoil.

For optimal seed germination and growth, a high phosphate starter fertilizer should be applied. For the next 4 weeks, keep the soil moist. During this period it should not dry out, but neither should it be overwatered.

Qualitative reseeding contains a high percentage of Lolium perenne, among other things included in our Lerava Turbo seed mix. Lawn thinning due to drought and cold weather can be reduced by an optimal supply of nutrients in late summer and early fall, so that lawn reseeding is less necessary. We recommend our Lerava Autumn fertilizer, specially developed for this project.

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