Cura del prato in autunno: tutto quello che c'è da sapere

Fall lawn care: all you need to know

Before starting the actual maintenance, it is necessary to prepare the lawn in a few steps:

  • Remove all leaves
  • Cut the grass to a height of about 2 inches
  • Scarify in a checkerboard pattern to remove any possible moss present
  • Remove mowing and the actual lawn care can begin

Remove weeds and level uneven areas

Remove the weeds. In the places where you have removed weeds or where the lawn grows unevenly, sow a reseed. In view of the upcoming winter, we recommend that you use a resistant and low-maintenance lawn seed mixture. Ideal is our lawn seed Champion.

Cover the seeds with lawn soil
Cover the seeds with lawn soil and spread a fertilizer. We recommend our starter fertilizer. It is specially designed to be applied at the same time as the lawn seeds without burning them. It strengthens the plants' resistance and ensures strong, healthy root growth. The fertilizer promotes the biological activity of the soil and increases the tolerance of the lawn to biotic and abiotic stress.

For larger areas, roll the seeds, soil, and fertilizer to create an even and uniform lawn appearance.

Spread lawn fertilizer

To perfectly prepare the lawn for winter, apply the lawn fertilizer autumn on the rest of the lawn. It regenerates the lawn after the summer, creates maximum resistance for the winter and promotes rapid regeneration in the spring. The contained nitrogen components guarantee a safe, long and continuous release of the effect of about 3 months. It protects against fungal attack and ensures healthy, linear lawn growth.

Important: leave out the reseeded areas! Do not walk on them and fertilize for 14 days.

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