LERAVA x GreenHouse Italy

GreenHouse Italia aka Luigi

Luigi is a professional gardener from Sardinia.

On his YouTube channel he shares his passion for professional gardening, green maintenance, and reviews and tests of professional and hobbyist gardening tools.

With nearly 7 million clicks, it is one of the largest italian Youtube channels on the subject of gardening.

He is convinced of the quality of Lerava products, and so we decided to cooperate.
With Luigi's knowledge and our resources, we were able to develop a first-class product for you:

Seed mix developed in collaboration with GreenHouse Italy!

Outstanding for its resistance and durability in drought conditions.

Lawn composition with 80% Festuca arundinacea which is highly heat resistant and requires little irrigation. Ideal for areas for sports such as soccer, as it has been selected to resist trampling. Germinability of 90 % and purity of 98 %ensure optimal lawn growth. The lawn seed mix consists of a selection of seeds, with a composition of 80% Festuca arundinacea, 10% perennial ryegrass and 10% Poa pratense.

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80 % Festuca arundinacea, 10% perennial ryegrass and 10% Poa pratense




55 - 70 mm water per week

At least 4 fertilizations per year

At least 4 hours of direct light per day

Promise of growth

We at Lerava are convinced of the quality of our products, which is why we offer you a 60-day growth promise from purchase.


Remove weeds with herbicide (watch out for nearby plants), clean the surface, till the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm, level with a rake to achieve a level and more beautiful lawn.


Seeding is done with a seeder or by hand, calculating the amount of seed according to the area. Mix sand and seeds and distribute them evenly, compact the soil and water lightly. Use a fertilizer containing phosphorus (such as Lerava Starter fertilizer ) to promote initial growth.


After planting, all we have to do is wait for germination by watering regularly with a gentle spray and avoiding trampling where sown. After about 20 days after seeding, the first seeds germinate. The first mowing of the lawn should be done when the grass reaches 10 cm. Do not cut more than 1/3 of the plant itself.