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Anti-ant Insecticide
Anti-ant Insecticide Sale price€7,20
  • Eliminates ants and larvae
  • Acts down to the ant hill
  • Free of ants in 7-14 days
Topilla - mouse and rat poison
Topilla - mouse and rat poison Sale price€9,97
  • Suitable for both home and outdoor use
  • Safe for children and pets
  • For all types of mice and rats
Cockroach and Bug Gel
Cockroach and Bug Gel Sale priceFrom €9,97
  • Eliminates all types of cockroaches
  • Complete check in 5-6 days
  • Safe for pets and children
Ant Gel
Ant Gel Sale priceFrom €9,97
  • Powerful Anti-ants Gel
  • Ready to Use
  • Fast-acting results