Olio di neem come insetticida naturale

Neem as a natural pesticide

The oil extracted from the seeds of the neem tree can be used as a natural pesticide in pest control.

Useful or ornamental plants that are damaged by biting or sucking can be protected with neem oil.

The bitter taste of the active ingredient azadirachtin is an effective way to control pests. It acts especially on the larval stages by reducing the production of the hormone ecdysone. This interrupts the larvae's molting process. By destroying their metamorphosis, they cannot develop into adult insects.

Neem oil also has an inhibitory effect on the feeding activity of adult insects. They do not die immediately, but a relatively rapid feeding arrest occurs. Since the hormone ecdysone is widely distributed throughout the insect kingdom, azadirachtin or neem oil is not specific but shows broad activity.

The use of specially mixed preparations of neem oil as plant protection products is not permitted. In the EU, only products that have been tested and approved are allowed for use. That is why we decided to develop a ready-to-use spray .

It is approved for use in the garden and indoors or greenhouses.

Originally from Asia, the neem tree has long been known there as an amazing remedy. This tree, which can grow up to 20 meters high, is extremely adapted to drought conditions.

It can live up to 200 years. It grows very quickly and bears fruit after only a few years. A fully grown tree can produce up to 50 kg of fruit.

Besides plant protection, neem oil is also used in cosmetics and animal feed.

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